👩‍💻Hacking Credit Cards 💳

Robert Scocca
9 min readApr 29

What if I told you… you can hack your finances? Learn to hack credit cards with minimal effort to make thousands off sign-on bonuses and cash back.

You can use credit cards creatively to make thousands of dollars just by paying your normal expenses. You can pay your bills with a debit card(or cash) and leave money on the table or you can pay with credit cards, earn cash back, points and get windfalls of cash from bonus offers.

Credit cards are fascinating in the same way computers are. You can use them both in creative ways for good or ill. You can use the internet to expand your opportunities or abuse it to amuse yourself to death. You can use credit cards to expand your financial capabilities or misuse them to end up in debt buying Funko Pops(or life style inflation/keeping up with the Joneses). It’s a double edged sword, and you can get cut if you’re not being deliberate with your use.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How does this work?
  • Why you want to hack credit cards
  • Why you may not want to…
  • Explaining credit cards like a video game in 3* levels

So… How does this work?

  1. Find credit card deals with good sign-on bonus and rewards.
  2. Use it for expenses and bills that you were going to pay anyway.*
  3. Redeem the rewards on that card.
  4. Forget about the card unless it has some outstanding rewards.
  5. Profit.
  6. Repeat.

*Never let a credit card deal push you to ball out on fancy dinners or vacations that you weren’t fated to take anyway. If you use your profits and rewards just to spend and consume needlessly, the banks are winning.

Why You Want to Hack Credit Cards

Cash Money

Many cards offer “initial sign on bonuses”. Usually this means you pay for normal expenses in your life (food, bills, transport) using the card for a month or so and the card gives you around $200–$1000 in rewards in return. Either in the form of a statement credits or some type of points you can spend on travel or also convert into cash.