🔨Productivity Tools for H@xors⛏

Robert Scocca
7 min readAug 2, 2021

Productivity tools and “life hacks” to use as a cybersecurity enthusiast! Tools to manage credentials, take well organized notes, precise screenshots, and sync files. These things may sound mundane but they become the bread and butter of your computer work flow if you learn to make good use of them. Really these tools can apply to any profession that works a lot with computers.

Privilege escalation scripts and exploitation frameworks are important but what about the every day, “productivity” programs that make life easier for L33t H@xors? In my path as a cybersec professional there are a few tools I’ll share that are super handy but I don’t see enough of my friends using themselves. These are FOSS tools that I use everyday to help manage my sensitive data, record what I’m learning day-to-day, take quick screenshots and store important files across different computers:

  • Password Manager (KeePassXC)
  • Note taking (Joplin)
  • Screenshots (Flameshot)
  • Cloud storage and Syncing (Nextcloud)


I find myself trying out a new online service or needing to store credentials for something new every other day. Frankly, I don’t know how folks without a password managermanage(perhaps with some password reuse?). There are so many different accounts to keep track of, email accounts, blog accounts, financial and career related information.

Password managers make it easy to use extremely complex passwords (or preferably passphrases), then store them securely and contain it all in a simple file to sync across your other computers and phone. I recommend using KeePassXC because it has a bunch of great features, and is easy to use, without locking any of it behind a paywall. It even has TOTP(Time-based One-Time Password) for 2FA.

The major downside with a using a password manager is that it’s a single point of failure. You need to set an extremely good master password that unlocks the whole password database…